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Published work

For now this is a pretty humble list, if you can even call it a list with just one item on it. :-)
But the list will grow, I'm sure. Please note that I'm only published in Danish so far!

Publishing date: April, 2003
Publisher: Alrune
Titel: Skyggen over Niacondra (Translation: The Shadow over Niacondra)
In the kingdom of Niacondra people are dissapearing and more are attacked by dark magic. Evil and unnatural forces are threatening the country and its citizens.
Five very different persons are gathered by the young queen of Niacondra. The sorceress Kimayor, a short and crafty man called Taidrus, the young priest Dosimo, the dwarven warrior Barzak and his old friend, the plainsman Titras are now embarking on a dangerous mission to help.

NOTICE that the book can be bought for 50 dkr at Alrune whereas it costs about 190 dkr at most other internet bookstores!
Book illustration by Lars Madsen for Skyggen over Niacondra