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About me

In the time of writing I have turned 39 and is living in Ringe, Midtfyn (Funen, Denmark) with my wife and 11 year old son.
Since being a teenager I have had a dream of becomming an author. It has always been the fantasy genre, which has had my greates interest. Through many years, since around 1993, I have - with lengthy pauses - been working on several manuscripts for novels.
In the year 2004 part of the dream became real as the first part of a planned trilogy was published, Skyggen over Niacondra, by a publisher called Alrune. Due to very different attitudes and expectations to the project, the rest of the trilogy was not published afterwards and my dream had to be indefinitely postponed, among else due to sickness. I am now working part time on a small private school for children with certain disabilities and I have once more found the inner peace and urge to start writing.
This means I will put action behind my words, make my dream come alive again and make progress as an author!

After a very thorough editing of the next manuscript, during 2011 I tried sending the manuscript to several different Danish publishers. 4 out of 5 responded very positively concerning the content and quality of the manuscript, but nevertheless it got rejected every time.
I have now reached the point where I want to publish it myself.
Recently I created a blog, where I (mostly for my own sake) make posts about my writing or publishing experience. The blog is in Danish, but it's made in Googles blogger with a translation option - which hopefully can give the reader an idea of the original content.

Martin ca. 2002