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What's going on?

Page last updated: 27-05-2015 08:44:54          

Current projects

Start date Description Status
2.5-2012 Setting up manuscript as requested from the publisher. Foreword, thank you page, backside description and more needs to be done. I gang
2012-2-1 Applying for financial aid and saving up for self-publishing at Skriv og Tryk In progress

Upcoming projects

The publishing of Magerens Arvtager, the sequel to Skyggen over Niacondra
Creating a sort of encyclopedia about the universe of Niacondra. Planned as a free ebook.

Finished projects

Start date Description End date
2012-4-1 Last corrections from editing the physical manuscript has been transferred to the word document 1.5-2012
2012-2-26 The new website is online 2012-3-8
2011 Sending the manuscript for Magerens Arvtager to 5 more publishers 2012-2-19